Are You PC or TV?

I always look forward to the lead story in the Boston Globe’s Monday Business & Innovation section. Today’s feature by Hiawatha Bray, “The New Center of Attention” reminds us that the PC, not the TV, has taken over as the consumer electronics machine of choice for many hard-working adults who are looking to relax and/or be entertained at the end of the day. No surprise there, but I think it is a good read anyway for the “hard working” types who might be too busy to notice that their desktop system has grown dated, cluttered and anything but entertaining. Bray writes about a few, relatively inexpensive gadgets and toys that can be added fairly easily to make your PC a little more fun. I think I will have to check out a few of them, including the RadioShark, which allows you to listen to local radio stations via your PC.

So where are you on the whole TV vs. the PC debate?

Do you spend more time trying to get your kids or spouse to give up the clicker or give you back your seat in your home office?

I definitely spend more time at home at night and on the weekends on my home PC (or my laptop) than watching the tube, but I will say this – its just not as much fun to toss your popcorn at your PC in a fit of rage the next time the Sox bullpen blows yet another lead; you cannot really rest your 18 clickers on a half inch thick flat screen monitor and I have never fallen asleep while surfing the web or doing email, either!


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