About That Triathlon…

All I can say is that it was a total blast and a great way to get this 40-something body moving. Thank you to Team Moore for putting up with my training stunts – namely Charlie for not laughing when I told him my plan, my kids who loaded up my iPod with motivational music and brought encouragement and very creative signage to the race course.

Thank you also to team BluePoint who put up with my odd schedule this summer and, well, didn’t laugh either (even though I AM the oldest person in the office).

Finally, a BIG thank you to Bob Burns of Partners Financial- an old college friend and BluePoint’s financial planner and insurance provider extraordinaire for showing me the way and actually doing the race with me. I was a bit discombobulated before the race – making him turn back before the start to retrieve my forgotten wetsuit. As Bob said “After knowing you for 25 years, you picked a funny day to start being a ditz”. (I guess I was a little nervous).

I am humbled by the fortitude of three of my fellow racers – one who fell off her bike ahead of me but got back in the saddle and passed me several miles ahead. In the final lap, we met up and ran together for the most exuberant mile of the race. I watched her cross the finish bloody and sore, but in good time and in one piece.

Another woman experienced an anxiety attack in the water. (Not so far-fetched in very cold and gray ocean water with a lot of swimmers surrounding us). She kept her cool and kept talking for awhile until she regained her breath and finished nicely. Imagine the willpower THAT required.

Finally, I realized after the race was done that I had injured a toe from accidentally kicking another woman. If whatever body part I kicked feels anything like my toe, I am amazed she was able to rise above the injury. I did stop to check in with her and she said she was OK but I wonder how she felt after the race.

It was a moment of sad irony as I scrubbed my race # markings off my leg, hand and arm to put on a black suit and deliver a eulogy in NYC for my mother’s best friend. This friend isn’t just turning in her grave – she’s apoplectic with hysteria over even the slightest notion that I would take something like this on. (You have to understand that I run like a Neanderthal with the backs of my hands facing forward and my knuckles nearly dragging on the ground.) Where I am so thankful to others for NOT laughing, I wish with all my heart that my wicked auntie had been here to throw her head back and howl with a scotch in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

I am at peace with my matronly pace and feel so lucky to have finished strong and whole. It beats the heck out of the alternative.


1 Response to “About That Triathlon…”

  1. 1 Anonymous September 12, 2006 at 11:43 pm

    Kudos to you! Makes marketing sound like a walk in the park. 🙂

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