Rock the Vote

Today is primary day across the Bay State and like many of you over the last few weeks I have thought more seriously about how I was going to rock the vote. I even watched the nightly profiles of the candidates on the local news. Ok not all of them. Unlike previous local elections when I gave more thought to who I was going to vote off American Idol or what unlucky Survivor’s torch would be put out, this year I feel prepared. On my morning drive this morning downing my Dunks coffee and listening to the radio I realized how much I do care about who gets elected as governor and for the first time in many years feel very strongly about my vote.

My vote has typically been based on influencers like charisma, likeability, and sometimes even a good suit or cute family. Party lines were not something I took enough time to understand. Ironically, I was brought up in a very strong political viewed house and my dad taught us that every vote counts and we can’t complain about issues if we don’t vote. So today don’t get bogged down in the media hype, the attack ads or even the cute suits. Think about what makes you tick – real estate taxes, after-school programs, keeping young talent in Boston, stem cell research or immigration.

No one really likes to complain, so we should all do ourselves a favor and vote. This way we have one less thing to complain about and we can whine about real issues in our life. Like the Red Sox and the weather.

Think about like this – it’s the seventh game of the World Series and the Yankees are at bat with 1 out and two men on. Who do you want at the mound?


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