Brand 2.0

Landor Associates came out with its annual “breakaway brands” study this week. The results will be published in the Sept. 18th issue of FORTUNE. This study identifies the ten brands with the greatest percentage gains in brand health and business value as a result of superb brand strategy and execution over a three-year period, 2002-2005.  The top ten finishers might really surprise you. iPod, eBay and Best Buy were included in this group with iPod showing the greatest gain during that period. Not exactly a shocker there – most 12 year olds would probably have guessed that. But take a look at some of the other top ten finishers. Number four was Robitussin. Robitussin? Six was Kohl’s department stores (a favorite of the geriatric set, but I am not sure how hip this chain really is). Seventh was French’s, the condiment maker, which is a category killer for sure and apparently, a great brand and getting better. So maybe boring is good. Boring is healthy and valuable too. My personal fave is number three – Converse. I’m partial to this company because I grew up wearing Chuckie T’s (before and after they became retro hip about fifteen years ago), as well as the high-top leather models favored by Dr. J and Larry Bird during the 80s. No doubt Converse’s return the rare air of hot brands has been aided by the deep pockets of its parent Nike, cool apparel and a “design your own” personalization feature for clothes and shoes on their site. Nice goin Cons!


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