Help Is On The Way….Help Is On The Phone

An interesting story ran today in Red Herring on a freshly funded Israeli startup called SupportSpace. The company is going to deliver online consumer-based technical support for the home user. Think but for the living room or home office, etc. And think more broadly than the PC. My first reaction was “hey, this is a good idea.” Then it caused my blood to boil when I realized that Dell’s support is so bad (and so expensive) that I never get around to calling them whenever I happen to be on working on my home PC. Same can be said for TiVo, but their woes are of a different stripe – you simply cannot get anyone live on the phone; it is usually a minimum of a 20 minute wait. You might get someone for whom English is actually a first language. And, while I am on my rant, DirecTV’s hold times aren’t exactly brief either. SupportSpace will compete with Geek Squad and small companies of that ilk, but will not involve on-site support. For the most part, this is a good thing considering its hard enough to schedule the cable guy or the phone guy or the DirecTV guy during the 9-5 slot for most working adults. I give Support Space a good shot at succeeding, as long as they price the service right and their agents don’t further frustrate U.S. users with language barriers. They are going to set up shop in Silicon Valley initially, and I, for one, hope they make their way to the Boston area soon.


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