Web (2.0) of Influence

Okay, who among us can admit to having heard of TechCrunch a year ago or even a few weeks ago? The Silicon Valley-based blog headed by Michael Arrington came into our consciousness fairly recently when researching media (make that new media) opportunities for a few of our Web 2.0 clients. Well, now the secret is out big time. Arrington and TechCrunch are the subject of a very positive profile in the Wall Street Journal today. Pretty amazing story when you consider that Arrington, 36, has had an unspectacular career in the tech world to date and even more amazingly, just two years ago was living the life of a “surf bum” in SoCal, according to the Journal piece. Now, he’s become as big or bigger than many of the venture-funded start-ups he blogs about. He rubs shoulders with Bill Gates, Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz and he throws some very well attended keg parties in his backyard in the Valley.

My favorite take-a-way from the Journal piece – and this should be a real eye opener to anyone who doubts that blogs have in many cases usurped the power and influence of traditional business media – is this little story about oDesk Corp. This company said a mention in a TechCrunch piece in September resulted in it acquiring five times as many new customers as it did following inclusion in a Business Week article. A couple of other tech firms reported getting serious interest from VC firms after appearing on the blog, as well.


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