As a continuation to an earlier post – Blog or Bust – here’s some more info on how the business of blogs continues to rock the future of PR…

Om Malik, senior writer at Business 2.0, and publisher of the wildly successful blog GigaOm, announced at yesterday’s Digital Magazine Forum that he is launching two new blogs. Malik is perhaps one of the first – and most revered – journalists to turn blogging into a legitimate business. He has a considerable staff of writers, collects advertising dollars, and is frequently quoted and referenced as a news source in other articles. Do a Google News search on his name, and you’ll find him quoted or his blog referenced just about everyday. He has arguably become as – if not more – influential as some of the industry analysts out there. As The Deal’s blog reports, “Malik is part of a select group of bloggers who have transcended the outsider image of a blogger to become something more significant, and raised seed money to expand a popular blog into a brand.”

And then there is Michael Arrington. A recent Wall Street Journal article profiles the serial entrepreneur and publisher of the famed TechCrunch blog. Dubbed “Silicon Valley’s newest power broker”, Arrington seems to have the power to turn start-ups to gold simply by writing about them on his blog. Companies mentioned on the blog often report huge bumps in business after they have been featured. Case in point: “ODesk Corp., which brokers jobs between computer programmers and companies, says a September write-up on TechCrunch snared five times as many new customers for the company as a BusinessWeek article earlier in the year.” According to the article, TechCrunch brings in about $120,000 in revenue a month, mostly from ads, sponsorships, an online job-posting service and the parties it holds.

This is all further proof that establishing relationships with blogstars like Malik and Arrington should be part of a tech company’s PR and marketing strategy.


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