DEMO Profile: jyngle

Brevient Technologies is a Milwaukee-based tech company that offers CRM, web and audio conferencing products. Hardly unique right? Well, at DEMO, Brevient went in a different (consumer) direction as it unveiled jyngle, a free voice and SMS service that allows users to create, send and receive messages from large groups via the web or their mobile phones. Jyngle is the brainchild of CEO (and youth soccer coach) Matt Lautz, whose “light bulb” moment came when he was frustrated by trying to keep his soccer teams’ players (or more likely their moms) informed – via email or multiple phone calls — of last minute field changes, rain outs, etc. With jyngle, Lautz, and quite possibly, many other coaches around the U.S. will be able to update their teams, co-workers, clients, classmates, friends, etc. of last minute itinerary, game, meeting or social gathering changes or other important news in near real-time. It is an interesting concept and I’ll be trying it out with my son’s baseball team this spring for sure. Lautz told me that scaling Brevient’s business to support jyngle was a “no brainer” – they already had the infrastructure in terms of hardware and software engineers in place to support jyngle. He also said he’s gotten some interest from VCs attending DEMO and he thinks jyngle could represent a third of his company’s revenue over time.


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