DEMO 2007 Profile: Eyejot, Inc.

Okay so who among us has never sent an email that was misconstrued, misinterpreted or misunderstood? How many of us – either as a sender or receiver of an email message has caused or witnessed some fairly serious communication problems because the tone or main premise of the message was not clear? Well, if you fall into either camp, eyejot might be for you. Eyejot is the namesake service debuted by EyeJot, Inc., a Seattle-area company. It allows users to instantaneously send video-emails to other individuals or to groups – with no client software needed. It works on any PC or laptop with flash and to use eyejot all you’ll need is a web camera and five minutes to sign up. The company says the service combines the best of email and video chat and bills the service as “the first comprehensive, client-free video-messaging platform” and is targeting both personal and business users. To that end, of course, it works with social network sites, like MySpace and it can handle “genuine business applications” such as BlackBerry or any phone that can play video files.

EyeJot got some really good press in the past week – a Wall Street Journal mention and photo, a “Top Five Innovations” award from CNET and the estimable Larry Magid included them in his CBS report from DEMO.

I can see some practical applications or uses for the road warriors out there. For one there is the time zone and language barrier that could be overcome with eyejot. Here’s another idea: I for one, hate calling my wife when I am on the road while she’s back at the ranch, minding our three kids, cooking, cleaning, shopping and otherwise, as she did while I was in Palm Desert, braving 10 degree weather back here in New England. I dread those phone calls and sometimes hope I get voicemail in these situations. However, I’d also pretty much never email her from the road – too impersonal. EyeJot is a great solution for this “problem” – the recipient gets to hear your voice, see you smile, etc. and that’s a whole lot better than an email. So, will these ideas support a business model? If I am a betting man, I’d say I doubt it.


3 Responses to “DEMO 2007 Profile: Eyejot, Inc.”

  1. 1 David Geller February 7, 2007 at 6:57 am

    Tim – great post. Regarding business potential… I’ll take your bet! We’ve got some things we’re going to be releasing soon that will further enhance the integration with mobile devices and other messaging tools.

    Also, we’re very grateful to the folks, like you, that have mentioned Eyejot in their posts and articles.

  2. 2 Nick Danger February 11, 2007 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Tim –

    Here’s another great video email service that’s free and requires no download: GabMail.

    With GabMail you can use your email client or webmail program of choice to send messages; all messages are threaded so that any video in an on-going convo can be viewed with one click; there’s no registration so you can start recording immediately; there’s a 2 minute recording limit at the moment but it’s going to 5 minutes any time now; there’s also a collaborative option called GabJam that supercharges any message.


  3. 3 Hazeka November 10, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Thanks for writing this.

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