The Game Changer: Good Call

While the NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse playoffs occurred over the past Memorial Day weekend, there was one story bigger than the game at hand: the lacrosse team scandal that rocked the Duke campus last year. ESPN, among other news outlets, featured countless interviews with former Duke Lacrosse head coach Mike Pressler about the incident, his forthcoming book, and his new job, at my alma mater, Bryant University.

A colleague of mine and I were talking today about how great of a PR move this was for Bryant. The amount of national exposure the school has received since bringing Pressler on has been astounding. There have been numerous press conferences and interviews since the hire, all featuring Bryant, a back drop, a polo shirt, a hat, a brief mention, something. I couldn’t count how many times on Monday I heard Pressler say “a beautiful school in Smithfield, RI gave me a chance”, and the best part is, you can tell he means it.

Think about the risk the school took by hiring a guy like this, someone involved in a scandal that had the attention of an entire nation. And what if those kids were convicted? What then? I guess, as they say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but Bryant will never know. The school took a huge chance and won big by hiring Pressler as a coach. Now not only will they have a great team, but the Bryant “brand” has and will continue to receive more attention than ever, giving me, and many other graduates, a great return on our $100k + investment.

Good call Bryant U, Good call.


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