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BladeLogic Soars

Here’s a company that got funded just days prior to September 11, 2001. In someone else’s abandoned office space just off 128, a team of entrepreneurs began an unbelievable journey. These guys were excited, optimistic, energetic and passionate. The Internet bubble had already burst, but severs were quietly proliferating in enterprises around the world and this team held the keys to helping IT people manage those servers. The goal was to deliver results, one customer at a time, and create steady, real value in the company.

And then September 11 hit. The rules had changed overnight. In fact, our entire way of life had changed overnight and there were no rules. What did remain was a strong desire to move ahead in spite of constant reminders from the roar of aircraft from nearby Hanscom Field.

Building on the mantra of delivering results and creating real value, BladeLogic got going, one customer at a time. As the momentum grew, this management team kept its composure. They never compromised on the standards they had created at the outset. They never stopped believing in the superiority of their technology. They never sacrificed real value for “buzz” or hype.

Yesterday, BladeLogic’s IPO debuted. The stock price closed at $25. Sometimes the good guys really do win.


Make Way for Online Videos

 A recent report from ABI research suggests that the online video market (both pay and ad supported) will be worth $15.6 billion by 2012. What does this mean for marketers? Well, not only do you have a new medium for communicating your brand and commercializing your content, but thanks to innovative reporting tools, you’ll learn more about your audience than you ever could with traditional broadcast TV advertising.

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— Posted by Melissa Coyle

BluePoint Summer Outing

Have You SurveyMonkey’d today?

In the past week alone, I have completed 3 online surveys as a consumer, held a focus group for a client, and developed two online surveys for other clients. With all this market research abound in my life, I started wondering if anyone else was noticing the trend.

Well, according to new research from AdWeek and Equation Research, more than half of the respondents indicating they would be spending more this year on market research than they spent last year. And, both agencies and brands are more likely to use online surveys for quantitative research and traditional techniques (focus groups) for qualitative research.

Thanks to simple and inexpensive tools like Survey Monkey, Vovici and ZapSurvey, marketers can embark on a fool-proof market research project in no time, and the results are instantly tabulated and displayed for you – freeing us up from valuable time that may have otherwise been spent number crunching.

Online Surveys on the Rise

 According to a new report from AdWeek and Equation Research,

online surveys are now the current “market research tool of choice” for both agencies and brands. 80% of those surveyed say they utilize online surveys with “relative frequency,” and 41% utilize them “often.” Download the full report at:

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