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Recent research from Jupiter Research reveals that the top challenge facing search marketers is rising key word prices (62%), followed by:

  • ROI tracking (44%)
  • Management of multiple engines (43%)
  • Expansion of keyword (42%)
  • Measure of off-line impact (34%)
  • Click fraud (28%)
  • Bid tool functionality (21%)
  • Declining ROI (21%)

According to Jupiter, spending on search will rise to $11.1 billion by 2011 and paid search spending will increase by 65% this year alone. However, despite the concern over rising costs, marketers do not seem as worried about declining ROI – insinuating that even with costs rising, search is still profitable.

— Posted by Melissa Coyle


Sold, but (hopefully) not selling out…


Aside from the Red Sox/Yankees, there is another rivalry that is near and dear to my heart, that is between the two Ski Mountains of Maine, Sugarloaf/USA and Sunday River.

Like the Sox to baseball, Sugarloaf represents everything good about skiing, only the die hard dare to make the brutal pilgrimage to face the double black of double blacks in the northeast, The Snowfields. Sunday River on the other hand, is about as big as The Boss’ (not Springsteen) payroll, and is about as easy to get to as the World Series for the Yankees of the 90s. Even the clientele is divided by NY/Boston ties. You would be hard-pressed to find a NY plate at Sugarloaf, but, Sunday River is full of New Yorkahs.

If you haven’t noticed my bias by now, let me tell you that I have skied at Sugarloaf since the first day I got on skis, and my family has owned a home in the shadow of the mountain for over 25 years. Given this, it was no surprise that I took notice to the Boston Globe’s story on the sale of both “The Loaf” and Sunday River resorts to CNL Income Properties Inc. for a mere $ $76.5 million.

My hope here is that CNL does a better job of keeping the brands separate. I have seen the Sugarloaf “image” slipping the past few years, looking a lot more like Sunday River’s “softer, gentler” family-oriented campaigns, and would really like to see CNL take the mountain back to its roots of a true skier’s mountain.

Let the Range Rovers and Benzes stop at Sunday River, and bring the Saabs, Subbies and Audi’s to Sugarloaf.

Who wants my MTV?

Viacom’s MTV announced today that it will, for the first time, begin measuring audience viewing second-by-second in hopes of gathering more precise data on its commercial break placements and consumer viewing tendencies. This second-by-second audience data will help monitor viewer behavior during specific moments within ad breaks, revealing whether commercial viewing is different in prime time vs. late night or if certain types of commercials rate higher.

Thanks to devices like DVR and TiVO, consumers now control whether they want to see an ad or not. This data will tell TV executives how their viewers may be acting differently during different times of day and difference programs, ultimately helping advertisers to better place ads and target consumers.

Read more about this move.

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