Demo Profile: Vyro Games – Stressed in San Diego?

Stressed in San Diego? I know in the land of perfect weather (perpetually 74 and sunny), this would sound like a real contradiction in terms…. Along the lines of “Sunny in Seattle” or maybe even “Traffic-less in Boston.” At any rate, here at DEMOfall07, one of the first companies to present on stage (and the first of several I hope to blog about) during day one of this two day conference that definitely stands out is an Irish gaming company called Vyro Games, Ltd.

Now, I am not a gamer at all, but my sons (who are normally very reserved) are very much into PlayStation and Game Boy games. When they are playing, they turn into different people – their stress levels go off the charts and invariably, the yelling and screaming are followed by an abrupt end of the game. Not a good thing and we’re often trying to get them to calm down.

Well, I might have found some help from Vyro. The company today unveiled a gadget called the Personal Input Pod or (PiP) that intends to turn traditional video gaming on its head by de-emphasizing action, speed and, well … stress and instead focus on relaxation techniques. The idea is the more relaxed you are, the better you will do in the game. They showed a dragon race on stage this morning that pitted two of their executives racing against each other. No surprise but the exec who was seated and not leading the presentation, was the winner. It was a great breath of fresh air here at DEMO and stood out.

The PiP communicates wirelessly with software on Bluetooth enabled phone, PC or game console. The Pip and the games will be released in the first half of 2008.

The company is looking for both channel partners and technology partners. The latter group would theoretically use the PiP to build additional new games that would help kids of all ages relax. I can see this helping parents, business people, hack golfers and adults a bit too.

— Posted by Tim Hurley


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