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Stop Talking…Start Doing…

That was the message at the tail end of the latest IBM commercial I saw last night as I settled in to watch Bret Farve and Bret Farve Tony Romo battle it out on NFL Network (yes I get the channel, in HD no less, I know you’re jealous).


The ad shows a hip(ish) young guy showing the by-the-book business man his online avatar in a virtual world, exclaiming – “Its innovation!”

After some short dialogue this business man says -“The point of innovation is to make actual money”

Cue the Stop Talking, Start Doing tagline.

The ad is an obvious dig at Second Life, but it got me thinking about 2.0 in general. Sure, all of these conversations are important – but is our “talking” getting in the way of our “doing”? Are our contributions to our social networks, tweets and blog posts actually accomplishing something?

A bit of a heavy question for a Friday….but something to mull over while waiting for the clock to hit 5pm.

Crunched in Boston

Last night Silicon Valley invaded Boylston Alley when the folks from TechCrunch hosted a great bash at The Estate. Sponsored by IDG Ventures Boston, the party attracted a strong crowd of at least 500. That is a pretty good turn-out on a freezing Friday night in mid-November. It was a good mix of younger and older people – students, entrepreneurs, marketers, PR people, VCs and a few reporters and analysts tossed in for good measure.  It was a great spot for the party – plenty of room for the tech demos on the main floor, and ample space for the obligatory mingling at the bars and then poker and more networking upstairs. IDGV’s Jeff Bussgang got the crowd fired up with a nice little missive tossed out to our tech brethren on the West Coast. Later Jeff mentioned to us that he kiddingly told Mike Arrington that he viewed the competition between the Boston and Silicon Valley VC and tech community to be comparable to that of the Red Sox-Yankees 100-year rivalry. We all know how that has turned out the past few years with our beloved Sox getting the upper hand despite the Yanks’ ever-growing payroll. Will the Boston VC and tech community see a similar uprising? Hmmm. Let’s wait and see on that one. Good party guys. Do it again in the spring!

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