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Stop Talking….Start Doing… (Part Deux)

This is how my finance and accounting friends view this industry:

Wouldn’t that be nice?


Rule #2

In my latest new business pitch -more posts on that later – we got into some great discussion regarding viral and social media programs when the prospects began asking questions around one of my favorite words – “authenticity”.

I couldn’t help but smile.

So often we encounter those who want blogs, want to be “part of the conversation” (is that phrase getting over used these days?), but say hey Marketing/PR – go talk to people about us, we’re busy. We at BluePoint got ourselves into a situation with a client exactly like this – the company needed a blog, but there was no one to commit, and we became pseudo ghost writers.

If blogging is a jazz tune, then we were playing air guitar. Air Guitar Champion quality air guitar, but air guitar none the less.

As we had inched closer and closer to blogging FOR them, I sent around my “authenticity” rant to all of those who would listen. Preachy, yes, but true, as anyone following the blogosphere can tell you, blogging is not a fake-it-till-you-make-it endeavor, doing so can really come back to bite you in the ass.

As a disclaimer, this situation happened as we ourselves were in the beginnings of our blogging an social programs (which sounds a bit like when your parents tell you, “Well, it was the 60s, times were different then…”, I know) and have subsequently found someone within the company who is more than ready, willing and able to write their blog, and is doing a phenomenal job.

But here was a company who gets it, who wanted to ensure our agency would be able to impliement these strategies in a legitimate manner. Needless to say I was impressed, and after giving our prospects the…ahem…edited version of of our authenticity standards, I think they were too.

This example just reinforces, if Rule #1 is “Don’t be that guy”, Rule #2 is “Don’t be that guy behind the curtain” – your clients (and prospective ones) will thank you for it, even though they may not get it at first.

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