Partly Cloudy Means Mostly Sunny

In Case You Missed It Dept. – if you were at the beach this weekend and did not grab your Boston Globe business section (am I the only one troubled by the fact that Business is now folded into section A more often than it used to be?) or see this news on your mobile device, the quarterly MoneyTree venture capital report was released today. Hmmm, why today I wonder? Let me not digress any further.

The news is, as you’d expect not great. Nationally funding slipped by 0.8 percent to $7.38 billion in the second quarter versus the same period a year ago. The IPO window remains slammed shut, with a few exceptions. VCs are forced to hang in a bit longer and for the most part, deal sizes are down a bit.

However here in New England, the picture is a bit brighter – VC firms cut checks totaling $822.8 million in Q2, an increase of 5.5 percent. New England remains second to Silicon Valley

So whether you are headed to the beach (as I am – a week’s vacation on the Bay side of the Cape in Dennis awaits ) or looking at the investment environment, think positive thoughts…things are brightening up. Sure, there is a threat of turbulence – either a passing thunder storm or some more economic hiccups – but it’s summer and that’s not all bad.


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