A Stronger Link

Most people in my social networks (myself included) with seem to be riding the fence when it comes to LinkedIn and Facebook. We actively participate in both and for different reasons. LinkedIn is more “professional” and for the most part, better for making introductions for recruiting candidates, making introductions or re-introductions to potential business partners and prospects . Facebook is more visually appealing, more dynamic and frankly, more fun. Most people if they are being honest, will admit to spending a lot more time on Facebook than LinkedIn. And, Facebook membership dwarfs LinkedIn – north of 100 million for Facebook versus 27 million or so for LinkedIn. Today’s news from LinkedIn might change the time spent factor, however. LinkedIn makes a great strategic move by partnering with CNBC. This “alliance” will manifest itself in a few ways:

1) CNBC will provide articles, blogs, financial data and video across the LinkedIn network.

2) LinkedIn’s community and networking functionality integrated on CNBC.com (such as sharing CNBC articles with your LinkedIn friends and colleagues or finding out who in your network connects you to the companies you read about).

3) Community-generated content from LinkedIn will also be broadcast on CNBC programs. These include survey results and on-air Q&A with CNBC anchors, reporters and guests.

See the Reuters piece running on the New York Times’ (which also recently announced a deal with LinkedIn web site.

How will this all pay off for LinkedIn? Well that remains to be seen, but one potentially good sign for them is that while crafting this post I was poking around on my profile and looking at some of the links only to be booted off the site with the dreaded “network timeout” warning. Too much traffic can sometimes be a good thing!


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