Growing-Up with Facebook

The first time I heard of Facebook I was still a Sophomore in college running back in forth between classes, swimming practice and participating in … ahem … other activities. Facebook opened a whole new world to me as well as other students to re-connect with old friends from high school, middle school, elementary school and in some cases even pre-school. I, like many of my fellow students could spend hours upon hours viewing profiles all day with the comfort of knowing that this was a protected website away from the “real world.” At the time, Facebook was “Collegebook” and that was how we liked it. During the early days on Facebook no one was worried if a picture was up-loaded that a potential employer would find it and base their opinion on that single image. Never once did we think our parents (or grandparents) would become interested in joining and keeping tabs on us. Not once did we think our small guilty pleasure would become accessible to the whole entire world. My how times have changed…

When Facebook first started I could spend up to three-four hours looking at pictures and learning new thing about friends I had known for years. Now the time I spend on the website has significantly dropped. The only time I really go on Facebook is when I get a new notification in my email box. I sign-in see what is new and lose interest fairly quickly and sign-out.

To pin-point the exact reason why I have lost interest in Facebook is hard to say because I think it was because of many factors. The first sign of the Facebook change happened when high school students were allowed access, then anyone with a valid email could join. Another major change in Facebook was the addition of all the widgets. In the past when I signed-in I did not have to worry about being attacked by a vampire or ninja, I did not have to dig through multiple applications to find the information I was looking for. Facebook has become a zoo of bumperstickers, fish tanks and advertisements.

But then I think maybe Facebook is going through the same technology adoption life-cycle like any other popular product. Could it be that for once I am an early adopter and now that everyone has jumped on the bandwagon I am getting off at the next stop?

Paging the next Michael Zuckerberg please….


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