Confessions of a Frequent Flyer

I’ve become a frequent business flyer this year, and I’ve started bringing my notebook with me again, like I did in design school, for those moments when a thought might hit me or I might want to sketch something. Although I am a self-described techie, and keep my to-do lists in the notepad app on my G1, I confess that I savor the moments when technology fails, or 3G networks cannot be found. I look forward to the time spent jetting out and back on the runway, when my approved electronic devices are not allowed. Away goes my Macbook Pro and my G1. Out comes my trusty pen and paper. I often get more done in those 20 minute spurts, than I do in hours spent staring at my monitor, distracted by all the widgets and alerts I love so much.

So if you aren’t leaving the grid anytime soon; I encourage you to just shut your laptop, and turn off your phone (gasp!) for 20 minutes and sit at your desk…and write (or draw). Let your brain process thoughts in a more organic format, outside the confines of google docs, wordpress-formatting boxes, or tweetdeck tabs. Try it! Who knows; you might even get a blog post out of it.

— Posted by Liz Moise


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