Too Early to See Change From Obama…I Think Not!

Yesterday’s inauguration certainly was an unprecedented event. Whether you voted for President Obama, or not, it was tough to deny the feeling of excitement, renewal and hope. And with today’s digital media capabilities (thank you CNN!) how could you help feeling empowered – huddled around your computer with your colleagues watching every second like you were there yourself.

We heard a lot about change over the last several months, but what does it all mean to our everyday life and how much longer will us impatient Americans wait. Since I can’t look into my crystal ball and predict the future, I can say that change has already come to the White House…in the way of a blog!

Shortly after Barak Obama was sworn in, Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House blogged on how the President and his administration would stay in touch with the rest of the world and laid out their priorities and new media efforts. Communication, transparency and participation were cited as their top priorities. In addition, Phillips encouraged all of us to send ideas. The blog is going to include video, full texts of speeches and slideshows on Obama’s first days in office.

Communication, transparency and participation may seem simple, but should be top priorities for all organizations looking to build a brand as Obama did from his early days of campaigning. As my colleagues noted back on Election Day the Obama campaign was a best-practice marketing case study on building a brand. And true to his word…change came to the White House on day one…

— Posted by Kim Pegnato


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