60 Seconds or Less

Breaking down hot topics in social media, marketing and PR (and this week, sports) for your reading pleasure….

Man on Fire I. – St. Louis Cardinal Manager Tony LaRussa, once one of the most highly regarded – and winningest – skippers in the game, continues to lose my respect. LaRussa is suing twitter because someone created a fake account and in so doing, used his name to make fun of two of his former players who sadly, had died from alcohol and drug related issues in recent years. Teflon Tony said the fake web pages created caused him “undue stress” and damaged his reputation. No, turning a blind eye to steroid use on his teams and getting busted for his own DWI did plenty to hurt his once lofty perception. This is one that Tony will likely not win.

Social Media Mania – I spent a late afternoon at Barnes and Noble while in New York earlier this week to grab a Wi-Fi connection when my hotel web connection was down. B&N, and presumably every other bookstore chain, is loaded (maybe overloaded) with new books on social media – titles from Paul Gillin, David Meerman Scott, Joel Postman, Al Ries, etc. I am sure most have plenty of good insight and tips, but you’d need a month or at least a month of Sundays to get through them all. And, I have not even finished Groundswell yet. I think they all fall into the book “snacking” category – pick em up when you need a little boost.

Man on Fire II. – Speaking of MLB managers, New York Met head man Jerry Manuel (is he as clueless as he appears to be on TV?) needs media training and in a Big away. Manuel pre-announced the fact that set up man J.J. Putz was losing his spot in the pen in a New York Post story before he told his hurting reliever. His mind numbing quote was, “I’m going to have that conversation [today]. If I tell you now, then that’ll get me in trouble.” Manuel would be wise to take some cues from Terry Francona, the master at player and then media relations, in that order.

Social Media Yesterday- 60 percent of folks who sign up for twitter do not return after the first month, say Social Media Today and Nielsen.  Can it be they are lazy, have A.D.D? Are they onto the next thing?

Innovation Nation – This Innovation Blog on BusinesssWeek.com Rocks – http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/04/0415_how_to_innovate/index.htm

No Rest For the Weary Work For the Rested – When exactly did Americans become obsessed with “checking in with work from vacation?” Vineet Nayar, the highly respected CEO of HCL Technologies (BluePoint Client) told a crowd of customers, prospects, media and other influencers at an event earlier this week at New York’s Harvard Club that he just returned from a 15 day holiday and continued his standard practice of no calls from anyone – board members, share holders, customers and his 55,000 employees. That is the sign of a great manager who trusts his team. Oh, and he doesn’t do email while on holiday, either.

Tech Tales from the Big City – think texting is just for teens? I was having lunch when I noticed a group of five folks who were at least 50. All were lunching and texting, presumably to people outside their group. I thought ignoring your friends and families when you are out in public with them was just for kids. And oh by the way, EVERYONE walking around NYC had a Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Smart Phone or Sidekick Device. I need to open up a solar charging salon, replete with $6 lattes, CNBC on the tube, massage tables, cigar humidor and wine bar.

— Posted by Tim Hurley


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