60 Seconds or Less

What color is your social network? Anderson Analytics recently completed a social media survey for Ad Age which attempted to determine the correlation between your personality and your favorite social network. Among the highlights – 110 million Americans or 60 percent of the online population use social networks.  Sounds about right. But only 15 percent of respondents said they use them at work. I am not buying that one.

CNNinnundated – I broke my promise not to mention the Boston weather or Michael Jackson, but here’s my two cents on the former only as it relates to the media tidal wave on the subject. I recently made CNN my home page on my IE (don’t download Version 8) and boy am I sorry. I cannot believe the attention this is getting. What if CNN (or any other news sites) existed when Gandhi or JFK died? What kind of play would their deaths have received – a week, a month? Sorry folks but their contributions far surpass the aforementioned pop star that seemingly everyone forgot about for the better part of the last decade and IMHO, with good reason. We are well into week two of the coverage of his death and funeral and the circus it became and there is no let up in sight. This is yet another example of the sorry state of media consumption or as Sports Illustrated would say another sign that “the Apocalypse is upon us.”

Media vs. Journalism – continuing the stream, I caught the tail end of some talk radio discussion on this morning’s drive debating “media vs. journalism” and what constitutes “news” in this day and age. This might be as simple as saying are you old school or new school? Do you want the early speculation (blogs, twitter feeds) or the finished product? Do you care if there are half truths, assumptions and unnamed sources behind what you are consuming and being fed by your friends and followers? What are your “standards” as a consumer of hard news and your expectations  of your favorite media outlets’ own standards? Jeff Jarvis’ Buzz Machine blog includes some of his interesting thoughts on in a recent post titled, Product v. process journalism: The myth of perfection v. beta culture with a graphic here that demonstrate the “revisionist history” allowed by blogs and web sites today in what he calls the “new news process.”


One last point on MJ– do you think Mark Stanford is grateful for the timing on Jackson and Farah Fawcett’s deaths? Talk about hijacking the news cycle!

Pandora’s Box Opened – Internet radio is saved. So Pandora is going to start to charge a nominal fee for its heaviest users. If you go over 40 hours a month (and only ten percent of folks do) you will pay 99 cents for the rest of the usage for that month. Not a bad deal. Is there a business model for twitter here?

Bookmarkable Blog of the Week – check out the Inbound Marketing blog developed by HubSpot and Drupal. It includes some great social media snacks, has an RSS feed, job listings, forums and a marketing wiki.

Bing’s the Thing – did I mention that I love bing? It is also getting some serious traction. Mashable reports it is the 13th most popular Web destination after just a month.

— Posted by Tim Hurley


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