Friday Fun: Fact vs. Fiction

–I’ve been lax on my blog/Twitter contributions
–We’ve experienced steady growth despite the recent economic turbulence and our clients continue to make us happy to come to work each day – no joke
–My current “condition” (i.e. pregnancy) has actually made me less stressed and given me the ability to step back with ease and look at the entirety of an account or situation with a new, more level-headed perspective
–It’s our job as an agency to always offer strategic counsel/feedback … even if it’s not what our clients/prospects want to hear
–The days of the successful company or product launch are not over – strategy, tactics and associated goals have simply evolved

–All companies are scaling back on PR and marketing efforts
–Your agency should agree with everything you say and let you drive the PR/marketing strategy and program
–PR is only media relations – analyst relations, social media, thought leadership programs, awards/speaking initiatives are all just icing on the PR cake
–Social media is the be all and end all; it has killed traditional PR/AR and marketing
–Journalists and PR professionals (and their clients) always agree on what is interesting/ newsworthy
–There is a hard line between editorial and sales efforts – sad, but sometimes true

I could go on all day to make up for my sporadic social media contributions, but I need to get back to the best part of my day … making my clients happy (and maybe nabbing one of those delicious cookies in the kitchen).

Cookies by Danielle


What are the first things that come to your mind when you think of fact/fiction in the PR and marketing agency realm?
— Posted by Erica Camilo



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