Taking the Time to Smell the Roses

In the world of PR it seems that we are always planning ahead, we are all “type A” and that is what our clients expect us to do. Whether pinpointing opportunities on editorial calendars and pitching weeks ahead, looking to the next year’s trade events and planning for speaking opportunities and sponsorships, or crafting press releases in enough time for them to go through the corporate approval process – it seems my to-do list is very rarely centered around items with short deadlines and my mind is trained to think in terms of “lead time”.

Well, all this planning ahead makes the days fly by, the weeks turn into months and the months turn into year ends. When I was doing some research the other day it dawned on me, the PR cycle is almost in the end of year pattern with magazines and trade publications planning their “year in review”, “people of the year” and “outlook 2010 stories” and I thought, it cannot possibly be that 2009 is wrapping up!

My parents recently attended a fundraising event for friends of the family whose son became paralyzed a few years ago in a skiing accident. At the end of a heartwarming speech thanking everyone in attendance, the boy’s mother asked everyone to vow to live in the moment at least twice a day, and really be in that moment, because life can change in an instant. Last week, I made the pledge to myself that twice a day I would live in the moment and I have to say, it’s refreshing. From something as simple as noticing the changing colors on the leaves lining the highway as I drive to work and not just focusing on racing down 128, to taking a break on Friday afternoons to have a weekly foosball game with my colleagues and bond with co-workers  (even though my colleagues can tell you I have won only 1 game in the last six months) , to turning off my cell phone when eating dinner with my family each night and I challenge you to do the same and see how your life changes.

– Posted by Danielle Millerick


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