Giving Thanks

Ten things to be thankful for on Thanksgiving 2009:

1) Our dedicated, hardworking and smart BluePoint team members and the great results they generate for clients every day.

2)  BluePoint’s clients! You know who you are – both the current and the “alumni.”  From Archer to Zingdom and everyone in between.  Some have been “serial clients” of ours from previous lives, some have moved onto new gigs and brought us along for the ride. Some we are into year two and three of our relationships, some have been fun projects that gave us an opportunity to something completely different.

3)      The BluePoint second floor loft office space we thoroughly enjoy every day.

4)      Technology that allows you to work anytime anywhere and service our clients across the globe.

5    FOB – friends of BluePoint – the growing list of clients, former clients, former colleagues, consultants, etc.

6)      Professional (dare I say friendly) members of the media – reporters, editors, bloggers, analysts, influencers, buyers, events coordinators, etc. who make our sometimes difficult jobs more enjoyable when they treat us and our clients with respect even in stressful times.

7)      The collective sense of optimism that seems to be gaining more and more momentum as we head into 2010.

8)      Bentley University – for giving us a couple of great employees over the years and some terrific and really smart interns.

9)     The local venture capital community and our friends here who not only find and fund the startups and emerging growth companies in the Boston area, but also call on BluePoint to help raise their profiles and give us great insight into the “big picture.”

10 You, our loyal readers of BluePoint of View.


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