In Memory of Dick McGlinchey


Posted by Alison Moore

 Dick McGlinchey co-founder of BluePoint Venture Marketing dies at 60

 Richard (Dick) McGlinchey, accomplished marketing professional with a career spanning three decades, died suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Lexington on Wednesday night. In addition to recent heart disease, he had been battling a progressive neurological disease, Multiple System Atrophy, for the past four years.

Dick worked with many of the area’s top technology companies and founded three   Boston-area marketing and public relations firms, where he applied his intuitive understanding of marketing strategy to help client companies across a variety of sectors.

Dick’s knack for translating complex early technology products into understandable terms catapulted his career from small agencies to the position of Marketing Director at McCormack and Dodge, a pioneering software company. He subsequently founded McGlinchey & Paul; Meridian Technology Marketing; and Bluepoint Venture Marketing – as well as Europlus, a consortium of European marketing firms.  From 1999 to 2004, Dick was a Venture Partner at Battery Ventures, where he directed marketing and strategic initiatives for the firm’s $1.8 billion portfolio of early-stage technology companies. Most recently, he served as business advisor and Board member of Isis Biopolymer, a medical device company developing a revolutionary non-invasive drug delivery system.

Dick was well-known in Boston-area technology circles for his dry wit and his penchant for auto racing and ice hockey. As his children grew, his free time centered on them — coaching youth hockey and serving on the Board of the Boston Youth Symphony. All who knew Dick knew his love for Prince Edward Island, where he shared a second home with his beloved family and two pet Corgis. 

Throughout his career and personal life, Dick displayed a zest for life and his generous spirit touched many lives.  Although he had retired from BluePoint, his guidance and friendship have stayed with the BluePoint team.  Friends of Dick will remember him for his uncanny ability to connect with people of all kinds coupled with a certain fearlessness in telling people when their marketing was all wrong.  He was a loyal ally and could always be depended on for solid advice and a good laugh.  In a characteristically Dick moment, he was once overheard telling a client, “You think we’re good now? You’ll see just how good we are on a bad day”.  A bad day, indeed. Dick will certainly be missed by all his former colleagues and friends.

Dick is survived by his wife of 26 years, Sara; daughter, Elizabeth, of Montreal; and son; Andrew, of Lexington.  A service will be held later this month in Prince Edward Island, with a Boston area memorial service being planned for this spring. Donations may be made to the National Ataxia Foundation (; the Northeast Animal Shelter (; or the Friends of Brackley and Covehead Bays (





7 Responses to “In Memory of Dick McGlinchey”

  1. 1 Stephanie Fox Muller December 6, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Dick had an enormous influence on so many of us, both personally and professionally. Thanks to you, Al, for introducing me to Dick so many years ago, and for giving me the chance to work with the Meridian team.

    Those of us who knew him and loved him also knew it that relationship could come with a price — you know what I mean if you’ve ever been “McGlincheyed,” and you’re smiling about it,too.

    Funny, tough, smart, and determined one minute, giggling like a little kid the next. The guy responsible for the best part of my entire career was the same person who showed up with his two bow-bedecked Corgis to my dog’s first birthday party, and only because my stepdaughter invited him.

    Much too soon, my friend, much too soon.


  2. 2 Chris Wraight December 6, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    Only fond memories of working with Dick, either at Lotus or Meridian. Brilliant marketer and just a great guy…he will be missed in the local high tech arena.

  3. 3 Mel Webster December 7, 2009 at 11:01 am

    Dick was a giant in our industry and will be missed by all. His candor and wit are the two things I will remember most about him. He was never afraid to tell anyone or any client his true feeling about something, which is something that made him stand out in the field. And he was always able to make people laugh with that dry sense of humor. Peace be with Dick and his family.

  4. 4 Tim Hurley December 7, 2009 at 3:21 pm

    It has been just a few days since we all hear this shocking news about our friend, mentor, former boss/colleague’s passing. There is little doubt that Dick was a trailblazer and an “old school” marketer. These terms are sometimes considered clichés, particularly in the marketing and PR world, but not with Dick. He was the real deal; he was never afraid to “call ‘em like he saw ‘em”) and that is what many of us will fondly remember.

    While Dick has been long removed from places like Battery Ventures, BluePoint (for more than three years) and LP&P (for several more), his fighting spirit lives on inside these firms.

    Rest in Peace, Dick. You are already greatly missed.

    Tim Hurley
    Managing Director
    BluePoint Marketing

  5. 5 Phil Ressler December 7, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    It seems unbelievable that it’s just shy of 20 years ago that I met Dick, when I hired McGlinchey & Paul as my PR agency at a software company in Los Angeles. It took about 30 seconds to recognize what we had in common, and what was different. Our mutual sense of limits to the nonsense professionals should put up with in the turbulence of technology companies was a binding element of our friendship, and Dick’s forward-looking irreverence invariably lubricated the transitions when turbulence actually happened. Dick founded and worked in a series of agencies while I built marketing functions inside tech companies. During those years I hired Dick every chance I got, and when a competing client put his agency off limits to me I still had Dick as confidante. My job was always easier with Dick than without him, his intuitive intelligence irreplaceable.

    We both eventually migrated to venture capital firms on opposite coasts, providing the same function, and when we got together to catch up it always struck me that Dick was the one person I knew who was unfatigued by the basic nature of marketing technologies: fighting the same battles over and over. And he was a few years ahead of me. He found the humor in every problem, in every volatile personality and had a masterful touch for defusing explosive situations. Absolutely everyone trusted Dick.

    The high point of any trip back to Boston for me was a long dinner with Dick. You never knew who else would show up but it didn’t matter. One-on-one or instigator of an ad-hoc gang, Dick was an incomparable raconteur, social facilitor, confidante, wit, warrior, prankster and friend. He began every reunion telling me about his family first, then querying the circumstances of my life. Business always came after personal interests. Dick was what the Cheyenne in “Little Big Man” (a movie Dick knew well) called a Human Being, in every sense of their term.

    Dick’s passing is the worst news I’ve heard this year. His early loss is a crater for the Boston community.

    Los Angeles, CA

  6. 6 Melissa Coyle December 8, 2009 at 3:43 pm

    Without Dick – who, on recommendation of a former colleague, asked me to lunch last minute during a snow storm in January 2005 – I would never have found BluePoint or be part of the wonderful team that we’ve become. Thanks to Dick’s encouragement (and endless phone calls), I took a risk that has greatly paid off for me both professionally and personally. I have no doubt that Dick’s personality, humor, wit and honesty will be greatly missed by anyone that ever encountered him.

  7. 7 Don Roedner December 9, 2009 at 2:50 pm

    Dick served as acting VP of Marketing at IONA for a few months, which is when I finally got to meet and work for the legend. IONA wasn’t a happy place at the time, and Dick’s insights and directions largely fell on deaf ears. But for me those months were a short course in marketing brilliance. He was a truly great leader, because he knew his stuff – shoot, he invented a lot of the stuff – he was direct and honest, and he was so freaking fun to be around. Old school he might have been, but Dick’s old school will never go out of style. I loved working for the man. And I loved getting to know him personally, to appreciate how intensely passionate he was about his family, and to vicariously enjoy his obsession with a place. I thought the world of Dick McGlinchey and count him among the two or three pure marketing talents I’ve had the honor to learn from. Oh, and that laugh!

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