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2008: B-to-B Marketing Preview

It comes as no surprise that b-to-b marketers plan to increase their spending online and decrease print advertising in 2008. What may surprise folks, however, is that spend on direct mail and events is forecasted to rise in 2008.

We’re finding this to hold true with our own clients, too. I think this is because, in our technology-driven lives, we welcome a chance to re-connect with folks in a tangible, one-to-one way. Whereas maybe three years ago direct mail effectiveness was on the decline, folks are so overwhelmed now with email and online banter that they are starting to glaze over those and once again pay attention to what’s coming in the mail, especially if the creative is eye-catching and the offer relevant. And as great as virtual tradeshows are, you can’t beat the chance to pitch your product or service face-to-face at an event. Besides, we wouldn’t want to put the tchotchkes vendors out of business. 😉

In other forecasting news, the same study found that two-thirds of b-to-b marketers plan on increasing their overall marketing budgets – largely because they also plan on embarking on new campaigns. And, in terms of what online areas marketers will invest in, Website, Webcasts, email, search and video leads the pack. Finally, despite all of 2007’s hype around social media, only 20% of marketers are currently using it as part of their strategy and 69% are not planning to increase spend in this area.


Hide and Search

Recent research from Jupiter Research reveals that the top challenge facing search marketers is rising key word prices (62%), followed by:

  • ROI tracking (44%)
  • Management of multiple engines (43%)
  • Expansion of keyword (42%)
  • Measure of off-line impact (34%)
  • Click fraud (28%)
  • Bid tool functionality (21%)
  • Declining ROI (21%)

According to Jupiter, spending on search will rise to $11.1 billion by 2011 and paid search spending will increase by 65% this year alone. However, despite the concern over rising costs, marketers do not seem as worried about declining ROI – insinuating that even with costs rising, search is still profitable.

— Posted by Melissa Coyle

Make Way for Online Videos

 A recent report from ABI research suggests that the online video market (both pay and ad supported) will be worth $15.6 billion by 2012. What does this mean for marketers? Well, not only do you have a new medium for communicating your brand and commercializing your content, but thanks to innovative reporting tools, you’ll learn more about your audience than you ever could with traditional broadcast TV advertising.

Shameless Plug Alert: If you’re interested in learning more about delivering innovative and interactive video experiences on the Web, check out our client PermissionTV.

— Posted by Melissa Coyle

Online Surveys on the Rise

 According to a new report from AdWeek and Equation Research,

online surveys are now the current “market research tool of choice” for both agencies and brands. 80% of those surveyed say they utilize online surveys with “relative frequency,” and 41% utilize them “often.” Download the full report at:

Stat of the Week: New IT Marketing Research

According to a recent telecast from Marketing Sherpa, the biggest challenges marketers face when marketing IT software and services include how to market to a growing number of people involved in the buying process, followed by multi-channel lead generation and creating a PR buzz. The research also revealed that tech buyers are more likely to find you than you are to find them. Where are the top places buyers are looking? Google, vendor websites, IT publications and communities, directories and analyst sites.

Stat of the Week: Snail Mail is Back!

A new study commissioned by Pitney Bowes and conducted by International Communications Research finds that mail – and not digitial communications like email – is the best way to reach consumers.

Some key findings from the survey:

  • 73% of consumers prefer mail for receiving new product announcements or offers from companies they already do business with, as compared to 18% for e-mail
  • Mail was also preferred by 70% of respondents for receiving unsolicited information on products and services
  • Consumers are less likely to discard unopened mail than unsolicited e-mails
  • Respondents found mail to be less intrusive (45.3%), more convenient (40.2 %), less high-pressured (30.2%), more descriptive (22.7 %) and more persuasive (12%) than other communication channels inlcuding email and phone

Stat of the Week: 53% of Email Subject Lines Broken

Did you know that 53% of subject lines in email communications appear broken? According to new research from Pivotal Veracity, thanks to simple and common formatting errors, many of those email marketing items you’re sending on behalf of your company or clients may be dismissed as spam due to funky subject lines. Click here to read the full article from Marketing Sherpa on the study.

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